M/S Telemarken

M/S Telemarken was built at Västerviks new shipyard in Sweden in 1951 and was one of the boats in the Stockholm archipelago. M/S Telemarken has been in service on the Telemark Canal since 1988. We are the only boat running from the Telemark Canal’s eastbound towards Notodden.

M/S Telemarken is certified for 140 passengers. It is indoor seating for approx. 60 people.

M/S Telemarken is one of 3 passenger boats sailing on the Telemark canal in the summer season. Our boat sails the shortest route, the highlight” of the canal, through most of the locks, and of course the spectacular Vrangfoss Locks. M/S Telemarken starts at Akkerhaugen pier in the morning, sails over Norsjø, through the locks in Ulefoss and up the canal to Lunde, where we turn around, and sails back the same way. One way trip lasts about 3,5hours, and it is a wonderful half day in this beautiful part of the country.

Onboard you can enjoy local drinks and snacks.