The adventurous waterway 

The Telemark Canal - one of the most beautiful waterways in the world. The Telemark Canal was carved into the rock over 100 years ago. When the canal was completed in 1892, it was called the "eighth wonder". The canal connects the coast of Telemark with the interior through eight locks at a distance of 105 km from Skien to Dalen. It consists of two waterways; Skien- Dalen and Skien-Notodden. Therefore, it is now possible to experience the Telemark Canal by ferry, charter boats, your own boat, canoes and kayaks.

Day Trips


A day trip on the Telemark Canal is a trip that can be completed in a day combining canal boat and bus. You may start your trip from one of many ports of call along the canal, which gives you several possible round trips. Please find examples below:

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M/S Victoria


En båtreise på Telemarkskanalen kan fint kombineres med overnatting. 
Flere overnattingssteder langs kanalen tilbyr ferdige pakkeløsninger med båttur og overnatting.


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Kart over telemarkskanalen


På kartet over Telemarkskanalen ser du de ulike anløpsstedene og slusene, samt en oversikt over bilveier slik at det skal bli lettere å planlegge reiseveien.

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Experience the Telemark Canal just the way you want it.


The Telemark Canal is 105 km long with 8 waterlock facilties and several dock with historical attractions along the way. Tailor your experience along the Telemark Canal to match your schedule.

A historical journey


There are three canal boats that traverse the Canal. The veteran ships M/S Henrik Ibsen and M/S Victoria sails the length of the canal from start to finish every day of the canal season.  The M/S Telemarken sails for a shorter period of time in the center of the canal from Akkerhauge to Lunde.


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