Båtene møtes ved Lunde Slusekro



“Accessible Tourism in Telemark” Project.

We are a part of a business network project called “Inkluderende Reiseliv in Telemark” to gain knowledge on how to facilitate for people with various disabilities in our company.
Unfortunately, we can not offer universal design – we do not have that opportunity. However, we do work on how to facilitate where we can.
Our slogan for the project is “No one can facilitate everything for everyone, but everyone can facilitate something for someone”. The slogan describes our intention and purpose.

How to travel with the canal boats

The canal boats are old and have no possibility for universal design. This can be a challenge on board, especially for passengers with reduced mobility.
Still, it is possible to travel with us, with some exceptions.
The gangways, for example, are not dimensioned for electrical wheelchairs, while a manual wheelchair works.

For passengers with reduced mobility, we recommend traveling to and from boarding places where you can board while the boat is in a lock. This is because the gangway is quite steep from the piers where the boat docks.
We highly recommend the route from Ulefoss locks to Lunde locks.

There are stairs down to the restaurants on board and passengers with reduced mobility might have problems reaching the lower deck. There are toilets up on the deck. M/S Henrik Ibsen have a HC toilet on deck, while the other boats have high thresholds to the toilets.

Some of our trips include bus as part of the travel. Please be aware that a passenger with reduced mobility must have the opportunity to get on board with their own help or with the help of a travel companion, as there are a few steps up.
If this is not possible, the alternative is to book a taxi that is wheelchair accessible. Both Ulefoss Taxi and Lunde Taxi offers this.

When it comes to other groups than those with reduced mobility, we offer no special considerations.
Earlier we have had visually impaired travelers who had their own vision interpreter and it worked well and was very valuable for them.

The lock systems

Many travelers visit the Telemark Canal without sailing with the ships, often they visit the sites of our historical lock systems.
The locks are built to fit the terrain, and they have different design because of this.

Vrangfoss locks, located between Ulefoss and Lunde, is our main attraction.
It is our most spectacular lock system with a beautiful park, as well as a kiosk and a restaurant.
The park has a net of gravel paths, and close to the locks the paths are cobbled and there is also some steps where the terrain is at its steepest.
There may be difficult to get around in a wheelchair due to sloping terrain at Vrangfoss locks. 
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Lunde locks is also one of our most visited lock systems. The area here is mostly flat, and it is easy to get around. Lunde locks is therefore a recommended place to visit for persons with reduced mobility.
From Lunde locks to Lunde center there is a path which is universally designed. Follow the path along the water and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
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Contact us
If you have any questions about the accessibility when visiting the Telemark Canal, please feel free to contact us.
Phone: +47 409 20 000
Email: [email protected]

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