Useful infromation

Useful tips and bits of information for planning your journey.

M/S Henrik Ibsen

Your choice of trip

If you either live in the area or is staying close by and look for a daytrip on the canal, have a look at our overview over daytrips. These are normally composed of one stretch by boat and the opposite by bus, so that you end up where you started.


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M/S Victoria

Booking and payment

Please find our details and rules for booking and paying our reservations here.


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M/S Telemarken

Prior to your trip

We offer many different trips in the Telemark Canal region, and they often have different starting points. Read your confirmation closely to find out where you need to show up to start your trip


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MS Victoria ved Vrangfoss slusemesterbolig

How to get here


You can travel to Telemark, from Telemark and within Telemark by car, boat, train, bus, bicycle and plane. Use the travel planner at to find collective transportation. Vestfold and Telemark is a diverse region, which makes it an exciting area for travel and experience.


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Syklister ved Hogga med Victoria

During your trip


What you need to know while enjoying the Telemark Canal


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Slusepadling 2019 foto TK



Please find our most frequent questions answered here.


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Lunde Slusekro



We are a part of a business network project called “Inkluderende Reiseliv in Telemark” to gain knowledge on how to facilitate for people with various disabilities in our company.


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