The canal boats have many stops on their route. Some are located at normal quay facilities, while others include embarkation or disembarkation in a lock chamber.
Please find information about the different ports of call and links to information about the different locks below.



Timetables canal season 2022

* daily 18 May – 4 September and tuesday - sunday from 06 September – 10 October


Skien, Hjellebrygga

Departure upstream (direction Dalen): 08:10*
Arrival downstream (from Dalen): 17:30*
Service center located in the expedition building at the pier from medio June to medio August.

Car park free of charge for travelers on the Telemark Canal. Parking tickets can be collected onboard the boats prior to departure 08:10, on the canal bus prior to departure 12:00 or at the service center which is open from medio June to medio August. If you are travelling on other times than 08.10 or 12.00 please contact us to find a solution for parking tickets.

Address: Nedre Hjellegate 21, 3724 Skien.


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Løveid Sluser (Løveid Locks)

Departure upstream (direction Dalen): 08:40*
Departure downstream (direction Skien): 16:35*
Arrival (embarkation/disembarkation) in the upper end of the locks, where the canal meets the lake. Approximately 5 minutes to walk from the car park by the lower lock chamber.
Free car park at lower lock chamber and at bus stop by the locks.
Address: Skotfossvegen 300, 3720 Skien. 

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Ulefoss sluser (Ulefoss Locks)

Departure upstream: 10:35* (direction Dalen) and 11:00** (direction Lunde).
Departure downstream: 15:20* (direction Skien) and 16:00** (direction Akkerhaugen).
Arrival (embarkation/disembarkation) upper lock chamber.
Free car park at separate parking 200 m down the road from the locks.
Recommended port of call for guests with mobility challenges.
Address: Lannavegen 5, 3830 Ulefoss.

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Eidsfoss sluser (Eidsfoss Locks)

Please mark! Due to covid-19 restrictions this port will not be in use in 2021.
Departure upstream: 11:10* (direction Dalen) and 11:30 (direction Lunde).
Departure downstream: 14:50* (direction Skien) and 15:30** (direction Akkerhaugen).
Arrival (embarkation/disembarkation) upper lock chamber.
Free parking at the power plant at Eidsfoss. Follow the canal downstream from Vrangfoss.
Address: Vrangfossvegen 76, 3825 Lunde.

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Vrangfoss sluser (Vrangfoss Locks)

Departure upstream: 12:05* (direction Dalen) and 12:25** (direction Lunde)
Departure downstream: 14:05* (direction Skien) and 14:35** (direction Akkerhaugen)
Arrival (embarkation/disembarkation) upper lock chamber.
Free parking at the lower end of the park area, with a walkway leading through the park to the restaurant and the embarkation and disembarkation area. Information boards and a multimedia model of the canal. Toilets situated by the car park.
Address: Vrangfossvegen 113, 3825 Lunde.

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Lunde sluse (Lunde Lock)

Departure upstream: 13:05* (direction Dalen)
Departure downstream: 13:25** (direction Skien) and 13:45** (direction Akkerhaugen)
Free parking at separate car park approx. 200 m from the lock station.
Facilities like WC, kiosk, restaurant and park area. Recommended port of call for guests with mobility challenges.
Address: Slusevegen 40, 3825 Lunde.

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Kjeldal sluse

Kjeldal sluse (Kjeldal Lock)

Departure upstream: 13:30* (direction Dalen)
Departure downstream: 12:45* (direction Lunde/Skien)

Address: Strengenvegen 312, 3825 Lunde. See map.


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Kano Ved hogga

Hogga sluser (Hogga Locks)


Departure upstream: 14:00* (direction Dalen)
Departure downstream: 12:25* (direction Lunde/Skien)
Arrival (embarkation/disembarkation) upper lock chamber.
Free parking. Camping facilities.

Address: Gamle Strengenvegen, 3825 Lunde. See map.


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Fjågesund Brygge

Departure upstream: 15:20* (direction Dalen)
Departure downstream: 11:10* (direction Lunde/Skien)
Please mark: Boats call at this port only if pre-booked min 1 hour in advance (+47-40920000)

Address: Hassvikvegen 56, 3580 Kviteseid


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Kviteseid brygge

Departure upstream: 16:20* (direction Dalen – Tue, Thu, Sat)
Departure downstream: 10:10* (direction Skien – Wed, Fri, Sun)
Free parking. Village center. Café and tourist information at pier (in season).
Address: Kviteseidgata 38, 3850 Kviteseid. 


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Spjotsodd Brygge

Departure upstream: 16:00* (direction Dalen – Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
Departure downstream: 10:15* (direction Lunde/Skien – Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)
Free parking, follow signs.

Address: Spjotsoddvegen 64, 3850 Kviteseid.


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Lårdal brygge

Departure upstream (direction Dalen): 17:20* (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) or 17:55 (Tue, Thu, Sat)
Departure downstream (Lunde/Skien): 08:35* (Wed, Fri, Sun) or 09:10(Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat) Please mark that downstream stops must be pre-booked.
Address: Strandine 1, 3891 Høydalsmo. 


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Lastein brygge

Dalen, Lastein Brygge


Arrival upstream (from Lunde/Skien): 18:00* (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) or 18:35* (Tue, Thu, Sat)
Departure downstream (to Lunde/Skien): 08:00* (Wed, Fri, Sun) or 08:00* (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)
Restaurant, gallery, kiosk, tourist information, free parking, camping facilities, WC, marina.

Address: Storvegen 4, 3880 Dalen. See map.


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Akkerhaugen brygge

Departure upstream (direction Lunde): 09:45**
Arrival downstream (from Lunde): 17:00**
Free parking.
Address: Veltavegen 260, 3812 Akkerhaugen.


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Norsjø Ferieland

Departure upstream (direction Lunde): 09:55**
Departure downstream (direction Akkerhaugen): 16:50**
Free parking. Camping with café, wakeboard and activities. Marina for guests.
Address: Liagrendvegen 71, 3812 Akkerhaugen.


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Norsjø Golfpark

Departure upstream (direction Lunde): 10:20**
Departure downstream (direction Akkerhaugen): 16:25**
Please mark that all stops must be pre-booked. 18-hole golf course. Kiosk.
Address: Romnesvegen 98, 3830 Ulefoss.


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