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The Telemark Canal is 105 km, and it takes about 10 hours to get from Skien to Dalen.
But there are a lot of possible ways to travel along the Telemark Canal.
Would you like a short trip of just 2 hours, or perhaps one that lasts 5 hours?
Maybe something in the middle?

We have half day trips and day trips that includes bus as a part of a round trip, and we have hotel packages for those who wishes to extend their stay along the Telemark Canal.

Or would you just like a ticket for a single stretch, from point A to point B?
Are you travelling with a bicycle or a cano, then you must remember to book tickets for this as well.

There are multiple ports of call where you can start your journey on the Telemark Canal – in total 13 piers and locks.
It is therefore most important to think about where it is most convenient for you to board regarding where you are in your travel route or where you are staying.
Where it is possible to have a round trip, we already have this routes packed as day trips, so that it is possible to get back to where you parked your car or where you stayed.

Feel free to have a look at the map over the Telemark Canal and how to get there to plan your trip accordingly.

Day Trips

If you either live in the area or is staying close by and look for a daytrip on the canal, have a look at our overview over daytrips. These are normally composed of one stretch by boat and the opposite by bus, so that you end up where you started.

We have full day trips, half day trips and short trips. There are also two daytrips that are round trips only by boat. Starting points are Skien, Ulefoss, Akkerhaugen, Kviteseid or Dalen.

Please mark: Bikes, canoes or kayaks must be reserved together with booking of tickets.

Overnight Trips

Are you searching for a trip on the canal with an overnight stay, have a look at our overview of overnight trips. These include one of the following accommodation providers: Thon Hotel Høyers Skien, Lunde Vandrerhjem, Norsjø Hotell Akkerhaugen, Straand Hotel Vrådal or Dalen Hotel.

Overnight trips use Skien, Ulefoss or Lunde as starting point.

If you cannot find a package that suits your needs, please contact us and we’ll try to help you tailor what you’re looking for.


If you are activity driven and intend to bring you own bicycle, kayak or canoe, that is fine by us.

We already have two packages for bike riders, including accommodation in hotels or hostels, but many also choose to create their own routes.

We do not have any packages for paddlers – you must consider skills, time at disposal and level of fitness yourself.

Information and inspiration can be found on the Telemark Canal website

Telemark canal website

Please note: Bikes, canoes or kayaks must be reserved together with booking of tickets.